St. Paul’s Evangelical Church
WELCA Circle Letter

May 2022


Inhaling a deep breath after a fresh spring rain, listening to morning birds bursting forth in praise, being still and refinishing quiet time with God-all of these experiences being moments of delight in the Lord.  And as you spend more and more time in His creation, in His Word, in prayer, He plants seeds of desire for His purposes for you.  As you give Him your heart, he sings back to yours, calling you to fulfill the exact purpose He’s created you for.  It will be more than you could ever imagine – you are a masterpiece in the making. 1

I would like to first remind everyone to keep our shut-ins in your prayers. There are so many of our members who may never return to the church building after these last two years.  We have thankfully somewhat resumed our normal services on Sunday mornings.  Some things will never return to the way they used to be, but we have each other and this Church life.  We can once again greet members and guests as they come into the church on Sunday.  We should work on a schedule for greeters so that everyone has an opportunity to participate.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  There will be a sidewalk tea after each of the services.  If you’d like to donate any type of finger food or sweets it would be appreciated.

I hope to get a list of the items necessary for the LWR school kits to send out to the congregation.  We have an abundance of bags to hold the supplies so hopefully we can get some kits together to donate this year.  Summer is fast approaching, and our usual schedule means no meetings during the summer months.  Please remember that even though we may not come together we can offer our gifts in other ways.  (Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool,

For it is God who is working in you, enabling you both to desire and to work out His good purpose.  Philippians 2:13


In His Love, Chris