St. Paul’s Evangelical Church
WELCA Circle Letter

June 2021


Inhaling a deep breath after a fresh spring rain, listening to morning birds bursting forth in praise, being still and relishing quiet time with God – all of these experiences bring moments of delight in the Lord.  And as you spend more and more time in His creation, in His Word, in prayer, He plants seeds of desire for His purposes for you.  As you give Him your heart, He sings back to yours, calling you to fulfil the exact purpose He’s created you for.  It will be more than you could ever imagine – you are a masterpiece in the making.’


In looking through the minutes of our 2019 Bi-Annual meeting, one of the things we discussed was to have a communication coordinator.  As yet this hasn’t happened, and perhaps through no fault of our own.  We need a person or people who would commit to this task because without a church secretary we are hit and miss with important information as far as church members are concerned.  It’s sad that we cannot get someone to commit to spending a few minutes a few days a week, to help keep everyone informed about the goings-on here at church.  It doesn’t involve any physical labor aside from the ability to use a telephone.  We are currently not back up to full in person worship and it may still be quite some time before we have a secretary.  Please prayerfully consider volunteering to help with the important task.  If we can get two or three people then the time needed would be considerably slight.

Our Bi-Annual this year was productive and we actually had more attendees than in 2019. Perhaps with the raising of restrictions we’ll get back to having meetings that attract larger numbers.

We are set to have our spaghetti dinner to raise money for Lutheran World Relief.  The In-Gathering at St. John’s in Rincon will be August 27th and 28th this year and the Spaghetti dinner has been scheduled for August 22nd.  Pastor has said that he will coordinate another talent show.

We will be celebrating St. Paul’s 125th Anniversary this November.  We hope to have Bishop Strickland celebrate this momentous occasion with us and will be planning a delightful program to reminisce about St. Paul’s over the years.  If you have any mementoes or photos that you are willing to share please contact me.


 Remember to keep all of our members in your prayers, especially the shut-in’s.  So many still have not been able to return to in-person worship.


Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.  Psalm 94:19




In His Love,


Chris Heidt