St. Paul’s Evangelical Church
WELCA Circle Letter

September 2021

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?  Matthew 6:27

It’s so simple to say “don’t worry, God is in control”.  Sometimes your heart or your mind can’t let go of some worry even knowing that God is in control.  Jesus knows worry will suck the energy out of your life and take away hope.  Worry and trust cannot live in the same heart, there isn’t room for both.  You can’t lengthen your life or change anything by worrying about it.  Even if by tiny steps, learn to trust God.

Sadly the Spaghetti Dinner was cancelled but we hope that we will find some way to provide this ministry in the near future.  We have lots to share with our congregation!

Because our in-person attendance has not increased we may not have the opportunity to have a WELCA Sunday this year.  We should also have an annual WELCA meeting in October.  It would be great if we have an election of officers, especially President, Vice President and Secretary.  We need new minds, thoughts and opinions to help us revive this organization.     Please consider what you can do to help with either of these endeavors.

WELCA is open to ALL of the women of our congregation.  Meeting attendance is not a prerequisite.  Please consider joining in this worthwhile effort to bring some sort of normalcy to our endeavors to provide comfort and fellowship to our sisters in Christ.

The Craft Group delivered their LWR quilts to the In-Gathering at St. John’s in Rincon last week.  We hope that these efforts will be well received by someone who needs God’s blessings in their lives.

Loving Jesus is more than just saying the words.  When you love Him you serve Him and that means taking action to help others.  Jesus wants us to live our lives showing others His love as he has loved us.  Take care of My sheep.  John 21:16



We hope to see you all at church.

In Christ’s Love,