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2019 Fellowship Calendar

Note events and times are subject to change

15-Apr-19 Annual Church Picnic Lent/Palm Sunday
21-Apr-19 Easter Breakfast Easter
11-May-19 Mother Daughter Tea Easter
9-Jun-19  Confirmation Pentecost
9-Jun-19 Pre Musical Luncheon  Pentecost
9-Jun-19  Annual St. Paul's Play  Pentecost
20-Jun-19 Father's Day Bar-B-Que Pentecost
30-Jun-19 Concert Reception Pentecost
17-Jul-19 Summer Family Night Bingo, Pizza, Ice Cream Pentecost
21-Jul-19  Savannah Theater / The 70's Show  Pentecost
11-Aug-19 Spaghetti Dinner and Talent Show Pentecost
8-Sep-19 Rally Day Pentecost
27-Oct-19 New Opportunity Reformation Sunday
17-Nov-19 Thanksgiving Lunch Pentecost
1-Dec-19 Family Advent Super Advent
8-Dec-19 Tri Church Event Choir Lunch Advent
8-Dec-19 Tri Church Event Reception Advent
1/19/2020 New Opportunity Epiphany
24-Feb-20 Shrove Tuesday Lent
14-Mar-20 Fish Fry Lent