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We all have much to be thankful for even though each of us has gone through hurtful times.

First we should be thankful for God.  God created us and that creation is still going on although I wish I could grow hair on top of my head as easily as it seems to from my ears.

Second, God sent Jesus not to condemn the world or scold us but to save us.  Jesus changes everything.  He taught us by making it simple.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.

He went to the cross and there he died for our thoughts, words, and deeds that do not show love.  He rose giving us what some of our loved ones are experiencing right now....eternal life.

Third and probably most importantly for us now is the power of the Holy Spirit to give us the ability to believe something so incredible and then to share God's love with others.

Yes we are thankful for family and friends and food and oyster dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and gravy and of course the turkey.

The list is endless for things to be thankful for but it all starts with God...Always has and always will