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Special thanks to Bill and Simone Wiggins for supplying the food before we went to see Ma Ma Mia on Sunday the 17th of February....


Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season will finally be upon us in March.  Everything is late this year with Easter on the 21st of April.  During the Lenten Season we will continue to have our 11:15 AM Services on Wednesday.  Ash Wednesday will have a 11:15 AM service and a 6:30 PM Service.

The theme of the Lenten Services will highlight some of the major players in the road to the cross.

One of my girls (Sarah) came home this weekend and we went to the putting area at Lost Plantation in Rincon.  Sara is actually a very good putter but today was beyond good.  She had three putts one from 20 feet that went past the hole, stopped and rolled backwards into the hole.  It was amazing!

After the second putt rolled in the third one though impressive seemed almost expected as if it was no big deal since she already had two go backwards and drop in.

Most of us have heard the story and message of Jesus many times and as incredible as it is hopefully it never becomes routine or taken for granted.  Jesus gives us a new way to live and treat each other.  He showed us unconditional love and forgiveness and would go to the cross for our thoughts, words, and deeds, that don't show love.  He would rise from that death and give us eternal life.

Hopefully we never take the gift for granted or become blase about the amazing power of God coming into our lives.

I have to admit that I'm still pretty amazed at Sarah's putting kills since I have trouble dropping one in from the front of the hole yet alone going backwards.